I am rather new to Glens, but not to breeding and showing dogs. I have been involved with show animals all of my life, the last 20 years I have been breeding and showing Cairn Terriers under the prefix, Rose Croft.

I have been rather successful with my Cairns, breeding two Best in Show dogs, one still being shown and has broken almost every record in the history of the breed.   I also bred the Top Producing Bitch for 1998, I was the Top Producing Breeder for 1998, plus many more accomplishments with my Cairns. But I am sure you did not visit this page to hear about my Cairns, since this is about my Glens.

I have a deep love for all animals, especially dogs.  There are many breeds that I have an interest in, but I had wanted to become involved enough to be interested in breeding until I met a Special Glen of Imaal in Denmark,  June of 1999.   I was in Denmark delivering a Cairn dog to Berit Rosenfeldt, Kennel Lachleen and purchasing a puppy from Anette Lysgaard, kennel Ru'cairn.  While I was there I had the opportunity  to meet Kobra, Multi-champion, World Winner, Best in Show  Kobra Verde von Der Eidertalwiese, she was bred by Hans Uhlenfeldt of kennel Eidertalwiese in Germany and owned by Lars Larsen of Denmark.    

Lars & Kobra

We had gone to visit Lars and see his Cairns, before we left he asked if I would like to see his Glen of Imaal.  I said of course.  Out came a lovely blue brindle Glen bitch.  She moved like a dream and was full of attitude.  She was put up on the table for me to examine.  She did a wonderful job of cleaning my face.

Kobra is getting up in age and will not be bred again so after my return to the USA I started my search for an American bred Glen.  I joined both Glen of Imaal e-mail lists, discovered the Glen of Imaal Club of America and started contacting breeders.  

We took a whirl-wind tour of the north-eastern section of America, where the highest concentration of US Glens were located.   You will never guess who one of the first Glens we met was; it was a son of Kobra who is owned by Ara Lynn, Liberty Kennels, in New Hampshire.  We also visited Kathy Georgianna, Briar Hill  and Rick McKinney, Elric in Massachusetts.

In October I was told about a litter that was in Ireland, by Mrs. Eithne ClearyGranitfields,  and with the advice of on-line Glen friends I called Ireland to inquire about a puppy.  I called Tommy Conway in Wicklow Co. Ireland.  Yes, he still had a male puppy available and he sure was a "cracker".  I sent Tommy a deposit for the puppy and waited for him to grow enough to make the trip to America.  

Each time I spoke to Tommy he always refereed to the puppy as a "cracker".  So when the puppy arrived, we decided to call him Graham, my favorite type of cracker.  Graham arrived 3 days before our next Glen was born. To read more about Graham go to his pages. 

Because of the e-mail lists and contact with a Irish Terrier friend in San Francisco I got to know Bruce Susseman of NYC, who then introduced me to Maura High of New Jersey.  Maura had just bred her bitch Ch. Coleraine Shelby Woo to Bruce's male Ch. Bawnogue Boy Blue, or better known as Kafka.  

On Christmas Day, 1999 Shelby and Maura delivered a strong & healthy litter of puppies.  On February 19, 2000 three of these puppies landed here in California.  A girl went to the Powers in San Francisco, a boy to Carol Blundell of King City. 

I just had visitors from Denmark when the puppy arrived.  Since I had fell in love with this breed in Denmark what better than a Danish name for her........she became Freja, after the Danish Goddess of Good Luck.  Read more about Freja on her pages.


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